Starting The Year Off Right

It’s that time of year again when the lights come down, current holiday inventory is put on clearance shelves, and overstocked products are on sale to make room for the new. Business goals are considered, but soon set aside as you try to keep up with everyday demands. The stress of the holiday season subsides, but new pressures appear along with that well known anticipation of how you’re to handle the next year. Sound familiar? This sensation is far too common. The good news is there are a few ways that you can take charge and help to direct your anxiety into productivity. Here are some things you can do to help get a jump-start on the new-year.


1. Make sure you are operating your bookkeeping in cloud based accounting software such as Xero or QuickBooks Online. This is part of the best bookkeeping practices for any business owner. Instant access to your financial details, with any device from wherever you are, makes operating your business easier. Not only is it secure, it’s also reliable and affordable.


2. If you have inventory in stock, you’ll want to find creative ways to maximize your sales - such as online auctions, in house party sales, or you could assign some product to influential bloggers for reviews or giveaways. These are great options for shedding excess inventory while boosting your brand with new customers.


3. Get a jump-start on the year by creating achievable financial goals that you can check off step by step. It is essential to have goals, but even more important to have manageable and achievable goals that can be checked off swiftly. Finding satisfaction and excitement in knowing that you completed a goal only brings momentum to tackling your next goal. This is key to driving your business toward success.


To help get your new year going in the right direction, here is a simple yet effective financial goal worksheet. Simply fill it in and keep it somewhere accessible to refer back to often. When setting your goals think in terms of profitability, growth, and efficiency. Consider benchmarks that increase profit through sales or accounts or work toward debt elimination.  Other considerations are goals that give you the small steps needed toward expansion or focus on work flow production.


Happy goal setting this year!